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Company 24: Current investments

In TEUR20112010
Available-for-sale financial assets 14.031 9.035
Loans 79.851 64.128
Interest receivable 791 1.023
Other current receivables from financing activities 116 2.286
Total 94.789 76.472

Other current receivables from financing activities include receivables transferred from non-current to current receivables due to their maturity, less payments received. They relate to non-operating assets disposed in 2008.

Movements in available-for-sale shares and interests
In TEUR20112010
Opening balance at 1 January 9.035 12.175
Acquisition 6.030 1.358
Sale 0 -3.243
Impairment -1.034 -1.255
Closing balance at 31 December 14.031 9.035

Impairment loss in the amount of TEUR 920 was recorded under finance expenses; impairment loss in the amount of TEUR 114 was recorded under net change in fair value in the statement of comprehensive income. 

The acquisition mainly relates to the acquisition of shares of Merkur, d.d., in compulsory composition.

Current loans
In TEUR20112010
Current loans to companies in the Gorenje Group 71.604 46.852
Current portion of non-current loans to other companies 367 388
Current loans to other companies 7.880 16.850
Current deposits with banks 0 38
Total 79.851 64.128

In 2011, current deposits with banks with maturity up to 30 days were recorded under cash and cash equivalents in the amount of TEUR 57,375. 

Current loans to companies in the Gorenje Group operating in Slovenia
In TEUR20112010
Kemis, d.o.o., Radomlje 211 0
Publicus, d.o.o., Ljubljana 460 500
Gorenje Surovina, d.o.o., Maribor 11.406 2.630
Gorenje Notranja oprema, d.o.o., Velenje 13.623 9.827
Gorenje Orodjarna, d.o.o., Velenje 1.084 0
Indop, d.o.o., Šoštanj 0 5.410
Total 26.784 18.367
Current loans to companies in the Gorenje Group operating abroad
In TEUR20112010
KEMIS-Termoclean, d.o.o., Croatia 0 770
Gorenje Beteiligungs GmbH, Austria 16.265 17.075
Asko Appliances AB, Sweden 28.400 9.500
Gorenje Nederland BV, the Netherlands 0 1.140
Gorenje Istanbul Ltd., Turkey 155 0
Total 44.820 28.485

Short-term loans bear interest at a nominal interest rate ranging from 4.8 % to 7.5 %.

Regarding current loans, the Company is not exposed to higher financial risks as most of these loans were extended to its subsidiaries. 

Current loans to specific groups of persons

No current loans were granted to the Management Board members, the Supervisory Board members, and internal owners.