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Environmental Policy Suitability Assessment

|In Gorenje we are focused on increasing customer satisfaction and creating value for our owners, employees and other stakeholders of the Gorenje Group companies in a socially responsible manner.

A joint environmental protection and occupational health & safety policy for the companies Gorenje, d.d., Gorenje I.P.C., d.o.o. and Gorenje Orodjarna, d.o.o. was laid down in 2007. In 2011, this policy was also adopted by the companies Gorenje Valjevo, d.o.o. and Gorenje GAIO, d.o.o., and its contents were adapted to the directives of the Gorenje Group.

Identification of Environmental Aspects and Assessment of Environmental Impacts

Environmental aspects are defined as activities, products and services that interact with and bear an impact on the environment. The analysis of environmental aspects includes all stages of the production process, products and activities, both in normal operation and in operation under extraordinary conditions or states of emergency.
In 2010, all environmental aspects were again fully assessed at Gorenje, d.d. and at Gorenje I.P.C., d.o.o. Based on amendments to legislation and the requirements of the EMAS Regulation, the register of environmental aspects was amended at the time. For this reason, a re-assessment of these aspects was not necessary in 2011. Therefore, product/service and industrial (technological) waste water have remained significant aspects at Gorenje, d.d., and product/service has been assessed as a major aspect at Gorenje I.P.C., d.o.o.

Special attention was devoted in 2011 to renewable energy sources. Four solar power stations operated in 2011, and jointly (Gorenje, d.d., Gorenje I.P.C., d.o.o.) generated 233,182 kWh of electric power.

Environmental protection and occupational health & safety policy