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Social environment

|Acting responsible in the area of civil social initiative, in particular in the local environment, encourages all participants to help enhance and improve the quality of life.

Gorenje comprehends the notion of corporate social responsibility as a personal virtue and not solely as an institutional principle. Therefore and in view of responsibility towards a wider social environment it should be emphasised that corporate social responsibility interfuses virtually all spheres of Gorenje's corporate relations. Moreover, most of management members and numerous employees are socially responsible and committed to live up to these values. 

Although the reputation of managers and managements in the public eye and media is generally rather low, the Management Board and managers of Gorenje enjoy public's acknowledgment and recognition and are valued and treated with respect. This is on one hand attributable to Gorenje's comprehensive and sustainable coping with the crisis, and on the other, to the socially responsible behaviour of individuals. Our managers and employees actively participate in various sports, cultural, humanitarian and interest groups, non-governmental organisations and different political parties. Acting responsible in the area of civil social initiative, in particular in the local environment, encourages all participants to help enhance and improve the quality of life. With their attitude being under the constant and critical public eye, they contribute to the reputation of Gorenje and its sustainable-oriented performance.

Our Stakeholder


Implementation of performance goals is threatened if growth in sales is not generated, hence customers are of key importance to the Company's business operations. As for the industry of durable goods, customers are classified into the following groups:

  • direct customers, in particular distributors and wholesalers (B2B);
  • end-users (B2C).

Our highly trained, professional staff is maintaining constant contact with direct and indirect customers, whether in person or via telephone, e-mail, and video conferences. Various promotional material is published providing information about the products, their innovative user functions, energy efficiency, ergonomics, and ease of use, adjusted to various target groups of customers. Customers are regularly informed about the Company's efforts on environment protection throughout the product's lifecycle i.e. from design, production and use, to disposal after the expiry of its useful life.

Values observed in our relations with customers encompass:

  • long-term partnerships that are grounded on customer satisfaction;
  • respectful treatment of each partner;
  • devoted, flexible and responsible approach to every order;
  • constant monitoring of customer needs;
  • regular meetings with customers held to exchange experience and obtain feedback;
  • customer education.


Gorenje establishes long-term partnerships with its suppliers by applying the principle of constant monitoring of their competitive advantages. Taking account of the dynamic procurement environment, this enables us to provide for safe and reliable sources, adequate prices for products and services supplied, impact on the supplier's quality, improved planning of supplies, and access to the supplier's technology. We are constantly seeking and seizing new opportunities in view of alternative sources and suppliers, whereas provision of proper quality and flexibility of supply is of key significance.

Local and wider community

Gorenje boasts of a many decades-long tradition in the area of corporate social responsibility. At first, activities focused on employees and the local environment, but with the years passing they were extended to other participants as well. Today, the philosophy of a socially responsible and sustainable-oriented performance and development is an inseparable part of Gorenje's successful business.

Despite limited funds, numerous significant events were organised throughout the year for employees and the wider community in the field of sports, culture, science, education and health. Considering the difficult situation to which many inhabitants in almost all European countries are exposed , most of the donations were earmarked for charitable purposes and activities that enable young people a high quality education and quality leisure time. Support and sponsorship to all generations of the Slovenian Nordic teams within the Ski Association of Slovenia and to the teams of the Volleyball Club Gorenje Velenje is traditionally provided by Gorenje.

Special attention was paid to the Gorenje Recreation Association, the Gorenje Pensioners' Club, the Gorenje Cultural Association and to Gorenje's singing choir that provides for a quality physical and spiritual life and consists of most of Gorenje's employees that live in Velenje, former employees and their family members, whereas it is also local community-oriented.