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Gorenje Shares and Investor Relations

|We have identified dual listing on an international stock exchange as one of the tools for improving the liquidity of our shares.

In these times of global financial and economic crisis, the role of capital markets has significantly strengthened, even in those economies that have traditionally given priority to the banking system. In a credit crunch situation, the diversification of sources is the best way to ensure relatively stable operation and adequate conditions for further development.

Bearing this in mind, we are reflecting on ways to strengthen our presence in capital markets, thus enabling us to take maximum advantage of the potential brought by listing our shares on the stock exchange. Our desire is to provide our shareholders with a profitable and liquid investment, and to improve conditions for receiving new funds from capital markets. In addition to achieving our goals for a successful operation, we are directing more and more energy towards improving the transparency of operations, developing corporate governance, and clearly defining and implementing our strategies and activities that focus on our relationships with investors.

We have identified dual listing on an international stock exchange as one of the tools for improving both the liquidity of our shares and long-term potential return on our shares. Our primary intent is to increase the recognisability of our shares among international investors and analysts. In what way this will be carried out and on which stock exchange we will list our shares are yet to be decided.

Our primary task in this respect is to provide for a sufficient number of shares in free circulation, which will allow investors to engage in active trading. The general atmosphere in capital markets will also play an important role.
At the beginning of 2012, the General Meeting of Shareholders rejected the Management and Supervisory Board's proposal to purchase own shares, which we may have wished to use for listing on an international stock exchange. We shall continue discussing the alternatives with our owners, and are confident that a solution will be found to stimulate Gorenje's growth and development, while at the same time adequately protecting the interests of our current owners.