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|The sale of products of Gorenje's own trademarks accounts for over#90%

Multi-brand strategy to cover all price segments

The sale of products under Gorenje's own trademarks accounts for over 90 percent, which is of vital importance since strong trademarks enable stable long-term development. The Gorenje Group produces household products under eleven trademarks.


The Gorenje trademark accounts for 60 percent of sales and remains our most important Pan-European trademark for the middle price bracket. It is marketed in all European markets and numerous overseas markets, and will be further developed in overseas markets in the future. The Gorenje trademark has been focused on the segment of built-in appliances and has selectively introduced designer innovations. Simultaneously, the Gorenje trademark emphasises concepts, i.e. designer collections and lines associated with various life styles, enabling its key distinctive advantage.


The sale of the premium Atag trademark is mostly organised in the segment of built-in appliances offered through kitchen experts providing consultation to customers buying appliances. Innovative products and new concepts became the new characteristics of the trademark last year.


The Asko trademark is focused on the premium segment of customers, mostly in the programmes of linen washing and dish washing and products of other product groups will play a supporting role. The trademark will be systematically developed and the scope of the sales network of the Gorenje Group will be extended to new markets,, mostly in the markets of Eastern Europe and overseas countries.


Gorenje+ is a trademark of the complete range of built-in appliances of a higher middle price bracket that is exclusively intended for the distribution channel of kitchen experts. In 2011, it was launched in the markets of Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia, and Scandinavia, and the extension to new markets will continue also in this year. A representative appliance of the Gorenje+ trademark is the innovative iChef oven that features a touch screen and offering a new user experience. It has received many awards for revolutionary innovation in touch control and top design.

Regional trademarks

Gorenje has several regionally well-established trademarks that will be developed in relation to their long-term profitability.
Pelgrim is the trademark of the upper-middle price bracket and is considered a local specialist for built-in appliances. The trademarks Körting, Sidex, Mora, Etna and Upo belong to the lower-middle price bracket and the entry segment.